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Ten Spiritual Practices for Healthy Believers and Churches

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Is your church bringing vibrant life to the world? Are you?

The church—it’s not just an organization, and it’s certainly not a building. It’s more than a nonprofit, a community center, or a social gathering. Each of us who profess faith in Christ is the church, and the strength of the whole is dependent on the health of the individual parts. Before complaining about the problems of “the church,” it’s time for a thorough check-up on your own heart.

Craig Tackett is currently serving as the lead pastor of NBC on Main in Nicholasville, Kentucky. For years in demand as both a speaker and worship leader, Craig traveled throughout the United States engaging people of all ages with the truths of God’s Word. He is the founder and director of Inlightened Ministries and The EDGE Student and Leaders Conference. Sharing from nearly thirty years in ministry, Craig writes with hope and conviction on the health of the local church.

In this practical and powerful book, you will discover how to:

  • Start with Scripture as your foundation and guide.
  • Navigate the challenges of living in community with other believers.
  • Deal with sin issues—yours and others’—honestly and earnestly.
  • Find answers for some difficult issues that can easily cause disunity in the church.
  • Keep the focus of your life and your church on following Jesus and joyfully fulfilling His mission.

At the end of each chapter, evaluation questions for yourself and your church, as well as application-focused action steps, will aid you or your small group in personalizing and growing from the principles you learn.

Whether you are a veteran of vocational church ministry or a church member desiring to thrive in a biblically sound, Christ-centered church, Healthy Church will help you and your church community perform a spiritual self-diagnostic. Get ready to become a healthier church together!

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I hope you'll start to rediscover God’s way to live in healthy biblical community for yourself and your church.

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About Craig

Craig Tackett lives in Nicholasville, KY, with his incredible wife Jamie and three children—Tyler, Taycin, and Caton. He has been in the ministry for nearly thirty years and is currently serving as the pastor of NBC On Main.